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  3. Bay Resort Hotel Naruto Kaigetsu is a hotel located near whirlpool.

Bay Resort Hotel Naruto Kaigetsu is a hotel located near whirlpool.

Tourist attractions in Tokushima.

If you want to go to Naruto Whirlpool and the Otsuka Museum of Art, it is convenient to take the express bus from Osaka Station and get off at the Naruto bus stop.

Naruto Kaigetsu, a hotel with a view of the ocean and close to the whirlpool.
The large public bath is a hot spring bath.



You can enjoy a kaiseki meal using sea bream and Tokushima’s famous beef.
Depending on the day, the young proprietress may serve customers.

 young proprietress and staff

young proprietress and staff

This inn is popular for having meals delivered to your room so that the waiter can eat dinner in your room.

Please enjoy Japanese culture.

There is a free shuttle bus operated by the hotel that takes you to the express bus stop, JR Naruto Station, Otsuka Museum of Art, and the whirlpool tide boat platform.

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Access to Naruto Kaigetsu

Access from Osaka to Naruto

You can reach our hotel by express bus from Osaka (umeda, namba) or Universal Studios Japan bus stops.

The nearest bus stop is “kousoku naruto”.
There is a bus stop on the bridge just after crossing the Naruto Kaikyo Bridge.

Highway bus route map/timetable

There is a free shuttle bus operated by our hotel group from the kousoku naruto bus stop to our hotel.
Advance reservations are required. Please make a reservation by phone.

Hotel management shuttle bus


Access to nijigennomori from Naruto

nijigennomori is where you can enjoy anime content and attractions.
Direct buses run from the Otsuka Museum of Art bus stop and Naruto Station, which are close to our hotel, to Nijigennomori’s nearest bus stop (Awaji IC).
There are not many trains, but if you want to go to Nijigennomori after seeing Naruto’s whirlpools, please see the timetable on the next page.

Time required: Approximately 30 minutes
Please note that there are not many pieces.

awaji kotsu express bus timetable

Or you can go by the following route.
・Take the hotel’s free shuttle bus to Expressway Naruto bus stop
・Take the express bus bound for Kobe or Osaka and get off at Kosoku Maiko.
・Take the express bus bound for Awaji Island and get off at Awaji IC.

There are many express buses on this route, but it takes time.

*Time required: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes

*This information has been mechanically translated using translation software. There may also be incorrect translations. The information in Japanese is the correct information. Thank you for your understanding.